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Family owned,
Competitive Prices, Experienced modern Equipment,
No Subcontract,
Fully Insured,
Have Workers Compensation
About Us
Abraham Construction, a family owned business has grown seeing many ups and downs, our success was thus built and we are here today due to the trusted relationships of our customers and proactive communication. We have adequate knowledge, experience modern equipment. We are committed to this field of construction so that we can provide the needed product and service to our customers in an exceptional manner. Our products and services are not only unique and special but they are affordable too so that we can reach every single person who wants quality construction work at competitive prices. At Abraham Construction our customers are not just a customer or client but they are our genuine partner and so we will help them accomplish their project goal with dedication and superior performance. Thus we help our customer partners accomplish their goal by providing them competitive prices for each project that we work on. We possess the most experienced staff, we are fully insured and we do no sub contract, our employees have workers compensation, they have enough experience to handle the most experienced modern equipments for your project. We are proud to say that we have sufficient experience and our successful growth shows.

As a family owned company we work hard to offer high quality of services.Our historical performance with so many years of successful experience proves our output as we seek new means, techniques and methods in our projects; we guarantee results and stability in performance all throughout the construction project completion. Our team continuously refines and reviews the system of working, procedures and the processes involved therein so that we can deliver to each of our customer a unique and unparalleled excellence level in this industry. We work with the best talent and mandate regularly training and education to refine and enhance our skills. On top of that, we at Abraham Construction provide the most competitive compensation structure that will cover the workers compensation in case of any problems. We don’t sub contract as many other construction companies and hence our customers will get the same quality work each time they hire us. When you hire us for your various construction projects you will get a combined approach of the most committed and talented team for your long term or short term project. We love to take up challenging projects and sowe will be able to take up any construction projects of our customers.

We are looking forward to serving every client in the Essex County and promise to provide world class performance and output. Apart from this we promise to provide an environment friendly work sphere and practice so that our long term project will not affect the surroundings. We stay sustained and competitive in this construction field due to the quality of services we offer.